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Yo Prez, you don't deserve the support you're getting ... Sez Social

Irrespective of your support or opposition to the withdrawal of combat troops from Afghanistan, the President has botched up just about everything in the exit. From, "the Afghans' got this" to his defiant "chaos was inevitable", Potus has been on his heels since the Taliban speed shopped through the country and into the Kabul.

Throughout the Afghans laying out the Taliban welcome mat the President has enjoyed support from a thin majority of the country on his decision, however, not so much from social media, where @POTUS is pulling only 43% positive over the last two weeks. If you focus the discussion around Afghanistan the positives drop to 34% - give it a whack by clicking below.

Unlike the laser-like precision of social media, in the shaky world of polling President Biden is now below water at an average of 48.2% positive in job approval according to the Real Clear Politics average polling numbers, with the most recent polls pegging POTUS at 46% positive. But that's polling, who gave us Clinton and Biden over Trump by double digits, right.

So how's the Big Guy doing since he sent in the change of address card to the post office? Biden enjoyed strong positives out of the gate back in late January and trended up through May-ish as we started to come out of our collective Covid coma and the economy started to come back for more peeps. But overall he's been on the wrong end of the teeter-totter, with his feet in concrete blocks due to Afghanistan yanking the current end of the trend line into the dirt.

Fortunately the cavalry has arrived and the US military is evac'ing people by the thousands on a daily basis. Still no word on the total number still to be removed but we'll keep an eye on this one to see if POTUS can claw back some of his early luster. Our bet is he's banking on $3.5 trillion to buy his way back above water.

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