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Yang Gang outsmarted by the Wiley Coyote ... Sez Social

Who'd of thoughts progressives could throw a punch, but the mosh pit of progressives in New York City's mayoral primary has turned down right nasty. Andrew Yang was the early leader and odds-on fav but some lesser knowns have picked up some serious mo in the home stretch.

Looking at who's got Twitter game, the field is narrowed down to 4 very quickly with Scott Stringer, Dianne Morales, Shaun Donovan and Ray Maguire all not making the statistical relevance cut. Ouch. This leaves Andrew Yang, Eric Adams, Kathryn Garcia and Maya Wiley. With the exception of Adams, all are above water which is impressive for any politician, with Wiley taking a serious bite out of Yang's butt at 78% positive compared to Yang's dropping 65% positives.

The moderate in the Dems field, Eric Adams, is polling strong but social doesn't trust the former Republican who suffers from serious bouts of foot in mouth disease earning him the "very dangerous" award from Twitter.

Kathryn Garcia, with her Green New Everything campaigns is on the map with 70% positives but her volumes are on the low side, which is more or less the "nice guy but" position in the race, making her a candidate for the cutting room floor mid-way through the new ranked choice voting guillotine-fest. Click on Eric Adams or Kathryn Garcia above to see their results.

Yang is solid at 68% positives and has the discussion volumes to leave the locals, especially if he can take the Miss Congeniality award and rack up a sizable chunk of second place votes from those voting for other candidates.

But the candidate to watch according to Twitter is Maya Wiley who sits in the catbird seat at 78% positives with more volume of mentions that the others, save Yang. Then again, good luck handicapping this race with New York rolling our ranked choice voting for the first time and everyone looking to become a New York second.

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