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Tucker Carlson can't carry Rachel Maddow's lunch ... Sez Social

Tucker, this one's got to hurt dude. Not only is Rachel Maddow out-ratings Tucker for the top spot in cable talking heads, she is also pulling in well over 2 times as many positives in social media. While @Maddow is pulling 52% positives, @TuckerCarlson is pulling a paltry 22% positives over the last two weeks.

Really, 22% positives. Where exactly does that put Tucker? Let's take a look at the social positives for some of Tucker's besties over the same period:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez / @AOC 34%

Nancy Pelosi / @SpeakerPelosi 41%

Hillary Clinton / @HillaryClinton 41%

Black Lives Matter / @BlkLivesMatter 30%

Matt Gaetz / @MattGaetz 25%

Yep, you're reading that correctly. Matt Gaetz is pulling higher positives in Twitter than Tucker Carlson over the last two weeks.

So what's driving this stellar performance? The constant bombardment of "racist" "hate" "lying" and "fraud" opinions that roll off of social's tongue with ease, but the big driver is a budding story Tucker tried to get in front of last night involving the outing of his college year book where he proudly touted his membership in the Dan White Society and the Jesse Helms Foundation.

To nudge your recollection, in 1978 Dan White murdered San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, and city supervisor Harvey Milk, who was California's first openly gay elected official. North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms was a piece of, um, work, earning the moniker of "among the most racist, homophobic members of Congress in the last century" by Mic.

Cannot make this shiz up.

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