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The Supreme Court Sucks ... Sez Social

At least 5 of them do, according to Twitter.

The Supreme Court took the biggest leap yet in their Shadow Docket legislative agenda and voted to let the Texas abortion bill go into law. This law, which bans abortion in Texas after 6 weeks and crowdsources enforcement is flatly at odds with Roe v. Wade, which provides a right to an abortion up until a fetus is viable outside of the womb - at the beginning of the third trimester according to the Supreme Court.

Further, the ratting out your neighbor bounty the law puts in place is completely new territory raising significant questions of the state handing over enforcement to the greedy and those with forehead popping veins over the abortion issue.

Faced with less confrontational challenges to Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court has always, yes always, deferred to fairness and process in supporting injunctions on laws that take on Roe to ensure there is a full, fair and complete analysis of the issues. However, not on Kav-Bar-Such's watch. Joining forces with room temp IQ justices Thomas and Alito, the five overruled precedent and let the law go into effect without so much as a proper brief, oral argument or thoughtful analysis.

To say social is torqued is as much of an understatement as saying Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan came up a little short. Twitter is launching, giving the Supremes all of 18% positives. And the positives go down from there when you dig into the related discussion topics of Texas, Abortion Ban, Roe and the like. Give it a shot by clicking on the blue bars below.

The Supreme Court said they are not passing judgment on the constitutionality of the law or the merits of the lawsuit, but cowered behind the drivel that those challenging the law did not make their case that irreparable harm would be done by allowing the law to go into effect. Yeah, right.

Roe is toast, and we suspect there is a bookmaker out there somewhere who will give you mad odds on it happening outside of 2021, given the near certainty of Roe being overturned in a Mississippi minute.

The right may need to be careful about getting what they wish for. Once Roe is out how many tent poles will be left holding up the GOP pup tent. While the left will use this as the blood curdling war cry they've been looking for to toss the right and install their own version of Xanadu.

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