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The Dems suck but the GOP is suckier ... Sez Social

This isn't sausage making, it's an outright train wreck. Who would have ever thought the democrats would be the adults in the room? But the republicans have left the room, left the building and took the TARDIS to another solar system, leaving the Dems to carry the country on their backs. And, for politics, Twitter thinks the Dems are doing a decent job. Yes, 36% positives is a decent job in the caustic world of tweet for twat.

Yeah, yeah, we've all heard the drivel about Trump's 70 million votes and the GOP laying down in traffic to see that turnout in 2022, however, has anyone asked what percent of those people still support the Cheeto in Chief? While republican's put their heads deeper and deeper into the sand on January 6th, those living above ground created a bit of an earthquake when Senate republicans voted down the January 6th commission. That day Twitter volume about republicans spiked 3X from their normal baseline while negative discussion followed suit, peaking at 83% badness.

From the Senate, to the Jan 6th commission, to the election, to our democracy and beyond, in issue after issue republicans are getting spanked in social media - click on the purple buttons above to see sentiment on each. If The Kev was paying attention instead of shopping for new Speaker's gavels he might grow a set, listen to the county and stand up for what the citizenry actually wants. Likely to happen? Not a shot.

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