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The "decaying" Prince Charles is tossed under the double decker bus

You can't make this stuff up. As dysfunctional as The Crown may paint the British monarchy, real life makes the Netflix depiction look like a puff piece. The latest episode is the gut spilling Oprah interview where Meghan Markel dropped the mic on the royals in rolling out the manure carpet for the perceived interloper.

Social dings more or less the lot of them but saves its best for the "decaying" Prince Charles at 25% positives. Social has a long memory of Chuck's mistreatment of Diana and is now turning on him as he is turning his back on his son, Prince Harry.

Meghan Markel has her supporters but is still taking a lashing in social with 44% positives due to her audacity to out the monarchy. While the Queen, Long Live Her, is sliding in at an equal 44% positives, likely due to Harry calling off the attack dogs and saying neither she nor his father were the source of the baby's color comment. Can't make this up.

The only one coming out above sea level in this cluster is Prince Harry at 61% positives who is perceived as vigorously supporting his wife.

And what is up with that freak show Piers Morgan going off on Meghan and storming off the morning show set? Someone get that dude a bicarbonate. At a paltry 32% positives in social it's a lose, lose for the shock jock.

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