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The Arizona audit is ludicrous, corrupt and fraudulent ... Sez Social

Maybe we spend too much time in the "can't make this shiz up" corners of the Internet but the Republican controlled Arizona senate retained conspiracy central to recount of the 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County in 2020. This after the adults in Arizona already conducted machinery accuracy testing and vote auditing and found that voters of Maricopa had in deed voted to toss out his Trumpness last November.

A company named Cyber Ninjas, yep, Cyber Ninjas, led by Big Lie conspirator Doug Logan is putting on the wing nut audit which Twitter finds to be ludicrous, corrupt and fraudulent, among other more colorful adjectives. The Arizona audit is pulling a state-shaming 14% positives in social media. For perspective the friggin Taliban does better than that.

This non-audit has been attacked by just about everyone who has recognized the tooth fairy is not real. Aside from the double secret approach to the ballot counts, the best part may be the ultra violet lights being used to scan the ballots. Why? It's all speculation at this point but some suggest it is to identify a secret Trump watermark on stuffed ballots to identify voter fraud. And if tin foil hat wearing ballot counters find any of the fraud plants, who do you think would have stuffed the ballot boxes with them?

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