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Take the shot Kyrie ... Sez Social

The Brooklyn Nets are favored to win the 2021 - 2022 NBA Championship. Or at least they were favored to win when Kyrie Irving was expected to walk on the court night in and night out and toss in his guaranteed 26 points per game.

But Kyrie took a stand, has chosen to not get vaccinated, and is prohibited from playing on his home court under New York's vaccine mandate.

Posting on Instagram Live Kyrie said he is neither pro-vaccine nor anti-vaccine and that he fully understands the ramifications of his decision. Further, he said "This is not a political thing; this is not about the NBA, not about any organization. This is about my life and what I am choosing to do."

Social generally thinks Kyrie should do what he does best and take the shot but not overwhelmingly. Only 56% of Twitter is smack talking the point guard while 44% is supportive of the his choice.

But not everyone is as supportive as social. Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith went postal on Irving on the Don Lemon show pointing out he is dissing his team and Nets fans.

“As far as I’m concerned, the hell with you!” Smith said. “Sit him down, let him stay home, don’t pay him a dime.”

On the waaaaaay flip side, Irving is getting some head scratching love from Donald Trump Jr. and Ted Cruz, both undoubtedly vaccinated, who support his position. Say What? Who?

Perhaps Joy Reid from MSNBC's The ReidOut put this in the proper context recently when she said Trump Jr. and Cruz have no idea who Kyrie Irving is and would likely be the first guys to call the police if Kyrie showed up in their neighborhoods.

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