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Social is lit up in support of Sha'Carri Richardson

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Sha'Carri Richardson is fast. Full stop. She's actually the fastest woman in the US and will not be attending the Olympic starting later this month in Japan because she puffed the magic dragon when distraught over the loss of her birth mother.

To her credit, Sha'Carri stepped up, admitted to the deed and took responsibility for breaking the rules - lame as they may be. USA Track and Field handed out a 30 day penalty which meant she was out for the 100 meters in Toyko but the 30 days will end prior to the start of the 4x100 relay. So what does USA Track and Field do? They still said no dice and tossed her from the Olympic team. WTF USATF?

Social is waaaaay with Sha'Carri on this one, where she is pulling 81% positives in Twitter. That's nutty support for anyone or anything in the take no prisoners world of social media. USA Track and Field on the other hand is definitely on the tar and feathering short list for booting the likely medalist Richardson from NBC prime time.

For what it's worth Sha'Carri, social media with with you, which, right now may feel like a consolation prize for getting bumped off the podium in a photo finish.

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