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Sinema and Manchin race to the bottom with McConnell and McCarthy ... Sez Social

Senators Kyrsten Sinema (D - AZ) and Joe Machin (D - WV) have a gun to the head of POTUS and the Dems. While Manchin is finally letting a few cards out from his vest, Sinema is orbiting somewhere in deep space with no one, save perhaps her largest corporate grease providers, having any idea what she is actually after in holding up the Biden agenda.

Social dems are out for blood with a consistent war cry to primary the both of them. Sooooooo Democratic Party. Yeah, let's run Abby Hoffman in Arizona and see how fast Steven Miller moves to Scottsdale and grabs a senate seat.

So how pissed is social at these two? How about forehead vein popping mad. Manchin is pulling a paltry 23% positives in Twitter over the last several days while Sinema is getting a can of whoop ass at 18% positives.

This puts them in the Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy zone of just under the slimy layer at the bottom of the barrel. For the same period McConnell is pulling 16% positives, which sends he and Elaine to splurge for an Applebee's date night, while McCarthy is a few ticks better at 21% positives, which sends him in search of another, any other, ring to kiss to get the Speaker's gavel come November. Click on McConnell and McCarthy in the above widget to see their results.

If this is how the sausage is made we're all in for a case of e coli poisoning.

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