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Simone, you've got the world on your shoulders but Twitter's got your back

Simone Biles is passing on the Olympics thank you very much. Often called the world's greatest gymnast, Biles is living through an understandable wobbly from the pressure of having to outperform the rest of the world year after year for the last ten years as an elite gymnast.

Let's face it, Simone Biles is gymnastics, having won 30 World and Olympic medals, a quiver no man, woman, or pronoun can come close to touching, nor likely ever will.

Simone's decision to withdraw from the Team and the Individual competitions was a shocker to everyone who can spell "remote control". And while there has been some grumbling from the cheap seats, Twitter for one is solidly behind Simone scoring 85% positives over the last 3 days.

Twitter is going after the haters and providing an outpouring of support rarely seen in social. Good on you Simone, and good on you Twitter for spotting her in one of the most challenging and dangerous dismounts of her career.

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