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Research torches Instagram. WHAT-EVER ... Sez Social

This week Facebook, the owner of Instagram, released research torching Instagram and its effect on users. The research entitledTeen Mental Health Deep Dive,” and “Hard Life Moments,” both published in 2019, paint a damning picture of the impacts of Insta on young users.

Despite attempts to Facebooksplain away the findings, not even the spin doctors at Facebook can dodge a bullet that says "one in five teens say that Instagram makes them feel worse about themselves" as provided in one of the reports.

Mainstream media is up in arms, of course it is, while social media is all about the ... meh? Twitter could care less as discussion about Instagram is pulling a pretty consistent 74% positive over the last two weeks with nary a peep about the research reports.

Impossible. This is end of the line stuff, right? Not so fast. Take a look at the trended sentiment for the "dig me" platform (icon in the upper right) and see no real reaction to the release; in fact there is a slight rise in positives over the two week period.

The other WHAT-EVER take away is from the related subjects people talk about when talking about Instagram - Discussion Drivers - in blue at the bottom of the widget. This is banal city with no meaningful mention of the research.

Take away your privacy, no prob. Use everything you say to shove ads at you across the Internet, bring it. Mess with your self worth, WHAT-EVER.

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