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POTUS, you're a rockstar on infrastructure and a catastrophe on the border ... Sez Social

Joe Biden hit 100 days in office has more or less dropped the mic on the doomsdayers and the Big Liars, at least according to social. We took a tour of the major issues addressed by Potus in his tenure in the Big House and the report card is pretty stellar, pulling 64% positives overall in the last 30 days according to Twitter.

On the vaccine the Prez is pulling a well deserved 64% positives but rolls downhill on the economy at 42% positive, further down on gun control at 40% pos, and falls off the friggin fence on the border where he is pulling a voodoo doll, pin cushion 88% negative. Hell, at 18% positives Trump pulled higher positives over the coronavirus when he left office compared to Biden's 12% positives on the border.

Biden's big winner is infrastructure where he's pulling 88% positives. That's kooky high for social media who gives the stink eye to just about everything. This may be one for the born again fiscal conservatives to keep an eye on or risk getting left at the recovery alter once again.

One last bit for the Wonky McWonkers. @potus is pulling 64% positives over the last 30 days in Twitter. The polls in their infinite and rarely correct these days wisdom puts Biden's approval at anywhere from 58% approval to 47% approval. This doesn't surprise us since those using @potus may still have respect for the office and can lean a bit more positive. Then again, why in the world anyone care about a system that has a 11% swing when asking everyone the same damn question - "Do you approve of the the job Joe Biden is doing?" 11% swing? Oh yeah, that's accurate Steve Kornacki.

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