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Olympics podiums with a Gilver ... Sez Social

The Tokyo Olympics came to an end today after a false start last year. The Americans dominated once again, yawn, but it didn't seem like with their usual kick down the door bravado.

While the US got spanked a plenty in Tokyo, from the men's 4x100 reply to women's soccer, other countries stepped up to take the top podium spots the US thought they had a "reserved" sign on. There was also a new NBC host in Mike Tirico who Twitter loved, pulling 91% positives for the duration. I'm not sure Bob Costas' hair every came close to that high water mark.

And while the Olympics received their shots for everything from ignoring the Japanese people and holding the event despite their pleas to keep the super spreader event out of their cities, to the Olympic Committee leveraging the athletes like pawns to bring in the Benjamins, overall, the Olympics got a solid 80% positive score from the Twitter judges. That puts them solidly between gold and silver but definitely on the podium for the two week spectacle.

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