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Naomi Osaka gets support. The French Open gets the finger ... Sez Social

Naomi Osaka is a tennis superstar, full stop. She is also a young phenom who is under enormous pressure and had the audacity to put her well being first by dropping out of the French Open after organizers threatened to boot her form the Grand Slam event if she did not attend press conferences. Make no mistake. Ms. Osaka is not a prima donna, nor is she a snowflake, but an athlete who finds pressers to too much pressure for her mental well being.

In a sign of hope for humankind social media pretty much held its forked tongue and came out to support Osaka giving her 77% positives over the last 5 days. 77% is a social love fest. Friggin kittens and bunnies only get 58% and 68% positives, respectively.

Social media did not hold back on the French Open giving the event 79% negatives, which is a pretty stiff slap to both cheeks. Welcome to social, kaboom, that's what you get for putting mayo on your fries and forcing out an American superstar.

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