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Liz Cheney is a leader and Kevin McCarthy is a coward ... Sez Social

The Trump zombie apocalypse GOP has Liz Cheney in its cross hairs. Cheney voted to impeach Trump, is leaving it up to the DOJ to decide if they should prosecute the former Prez for inciting the Jan 6th insurrection, and received an A rating from the Republican Accountability Project's GOP scorecard for being a, well, real Republican,

Contrast that to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy who can't seem to make up him mind if he should kiss the Trump ring, be a stand up Republican or just drive the GOP off of the cliff. Today it looks like he's chasing items 1 and 3 with every fiber of his flip-floppy being.

Twitter's not terribly happy with Kev's leadership casting him with a paltry 21% positives. Let's remember when Trump left office he was pulling 18% positives for his mishandling of the coronavirus. That's a razor thin 3 point spread and I wouldn't want to take the under on that bet given it is well within his power to drop further given his silly putty backbone. Needless to say Twitter's not holding back their descriptors for McCarthy which include "traitor" and "coward".

In contrast, Rep Cheney is pulling 52% positives in Twitter with people talking about her "leadership". I'm not sure what the Trump robot Republicans are thinking but first off Liz Cheney is winning the battle, second, she can certainly hold her own against the GOP mosh pit, and third, her dad has a large gun collection and is not afraid to use it, even on Republicans.

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