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Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis are disgusting criminals ... Sez Social

According to social media, Governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida are in a race to out regulate un-regulation. Both Governors have passed edicts to prohibit cities and local school boards from mandating mask wearing, despite off the chart surges in Covid in each state.

And social media has taken notice. You can mess with a lot of things in Texas and Florida, but don't mess with their kids. Twitter is lambasting the two, pegging the Governors at an embarrassing 80% negative for DeSantis and a run the bastard out of town 89% negative for Abbott, with the vitriol you'd expect from mom's who have already spent too much time in kid lockdown.

But to be fair, Governor Abbott is staring down two barrels while DeSantis has only one pointed at his head. On top of his Mess with Texas anti mask mandates, Greg Abbott wants to jam through some of the most restrictive anti-voter laws in the country to address a very real and present danger - the GOP loosing its grip on elected office in free and fair elections.

And if either Ron DeSantis or Greg Abbott still have Presidential aspirations Twitter has a message for them - Twitter talks more positively about the Taliban than they do about either of these guys.

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