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Gov Cuomo, Time to Hang 'Em Up Cowboy ... Sez Social

Haters of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo got an early Christmas present from New York's AG when Letitia James dropped the mic on the Gov and released a report finding, among other things, he created a "hostile work environment for women."

11 women came forward to tell their sordid stories of Cuomo's creepy behavior, which the Governor denies vehemently. Know for a scorched earth management style akin to Trump's, just in a better fitting suit, Governor Cuomo doesn't have many friends in high places. Both New York Senators called for his resignation as did the Speak of the House and President Biden.

Cuomo is a fighter and vows to go to the mattresses over the report. And he's not alone. He does have some supporters in Twitter where he's pulling a somewhat surprising 24% positives over the last tumultuous week. But that may not be enough.

24% puts him in well below Mitch McConnell's 36% positives for the same time period. And when Mitch McConnell has 12 points on you, you gotta start thinking about your "I was wronged, but for the good of the state I love so dearly ..." speech.

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