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Facebook is tearing society apart ... Sez Social

Get out the mini violins. Zuck has had a tough week. First Facebook research showing Instagram is harmful to youth is outed, followed by a whistleblower releasing internal memos showing Facebook intentionally pushes misinformation, distrust and lighter fluid since it is good for business, and finally yesterday's great accidental outage.

Insta dodged a big bullet on the research release with social giving it a What-Ever. But the whistleblower is making a real dent in the social media behemoth.

Sentiment on Facebook after stripping out the mountain of discussion about the outage and focusing on the whistleblower claims is pulling 71% negative between yesterday and so far today. This bumps up to 92% negative when focusing discussion on Facebook's impact on society. Give it a whack by clicking on the blue "society" button above.

This meat is as red as it gets for those in Congress who are salivating over regulating social media, precisely for this reason. While for those in the know this is about as revelatory as Captain Renault's discovery there is gambling going on at Rick's in Casablanca, but who ever accused our Congressional representatives of being in the know.

Still, it will be interesting to follow this topic to see just how much staying power this latest stain has.

And as to Zuck who lost $7 billion on paper yesterday between the outage and the whistleblower. Is it enough for the polarizer-in-chief to get a conscious? Not a chance.

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