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Masks and Mobile Phones

So what is SezSocial?


Tired of talking heads claiming what people think?  Or pubs grabbing a handful of tweets and announcing to the world this is how social media as a whole thinks about a subject?  We are too, which is why we launched SezSocial.

We're using a super cool engine from 30dB that analyzes sentiment simultaneously on millions of topics discussed in Twitter.  The results are an honest read on what social really thinks about the latest knucklehead move by a celeb, sports star, politico or anyone else in the news, plus a spot on read of everything from new phones to who's going to win The Voice.

30dB's results are pushed out in interactive units that show you what people are saying and often time allow you to compare your favorite knucklehead to your second favorite.  Or drill deeper into an issue to see what is driving the overall sentiment.

Lastly, a huge shoutout to 30dB for suppling the goods and a disclaimer that anything said here that torques you off is coming only from us and not 30dB.

Here's to honesty .... finally.  Enjoy!

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